Are you a follower or admirer?

Are you a follower or admirer?

I once heard a powerful message that penetrated my heart as a sharp sword. The words of the pastor echoed my mind for days. He said, “Are you a follower or admirer?” If we truly love Jesus we need to follow Christ just as the disciples did. A follower of Christ will speak the bible truth. A follower will share the good news with others. A follower will nail their carnal desires to the cross everyday. A follower should read the bible everyday. A follower will stay in communion with Christ everyday through prayer. A follower will do his/her best to become Christ like in all affairs everyday. A follower will not deny Jesus at anytime. A follower has to turn away from their old ways, for our old sinful ways cannot exist. Followers of Christ are to lead by example. A follower has to find their identity in Christ. A follower has to put into action all the teachings of Christ. A follower has to become disciplined, obedient to the word of God. A follower has faith no matter what trials they encounter. A follower serves the Lord wholeheartedly. A follower knows the value of love. A follower stands firm with bible truth, and does not become confused with the distorted beliefs of others. A follower builds their home on a solid foundation, the foundation of God. A follower of Christ should care for others just as they care for themselves. A true follower praises and worships the Lord, 365 days a year. A follower of Christ does not take a vacation from Jesus.

On the contrary the admirer is a person that can poses one of these hindering qualities. The admirer is a person that attends church only on Sundays, but does not get involved with the ministry pass Sunday. The admirer has the knowledge of Gods teachings, but refuses to obey the teachings of the Lord. The admirer is a person that takes the word of God lightly. The admirer is a person that is in need of change, but doesn’t practice self-control. The admirer is not obedient to Gods commandments. The admirer is a person that has no interest to read the bible, has no interest in praising Jesus, has no interest in worshiping Jesus, has no interest to become a role model, and has no interest to share the good news with others. The admirer is a person that is a hypocrite. The admirer is a person that wears a mask to mask away their true identity, for their identity is not in Christ. The identity of the admirer is found in the world. The admirer is a person that becomes consumed by negative emotions and thoughts. The admirer does not build their life on a solid foundation, so when things don’t go their way, their world tends to collapse. The admirer is a person who builds their home on sand, so when a storm passes by, their foundation falls apart and they too will fall apart as well. The admirer is a person that doesn’t take initiative towards the change they want to make. The happiness of an admirer depends on other people and earthly pleasures. The admirer is a person that has high expectations. The trust and faith of an admirer is not in Christ, but in the things of this world. The admirer feels secure by their money, by their personal resources, but not by having faith in the promises of the Lord. The admirer is a person that rarely prays. The admirer only prays when they want something desperately. I consider the admirer a selfish person. They want to be praised and worshiped for their accomplishments, but they don’t praise the Lord for all that he has blessed them with. I believe the admirer is a person that prefers to spend time and energy on anything that interest them, yet they find no interest for the things of God.

A message to the admirer *
Matthew 7:21
21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.

My personal message*
If you call yourself a believer of Christ, I hope you become a true follower of Christ. Otherwise, if you find yourself in a comfort zone how do you expect God to bless you beyond your imagination, or even use you to his full potential? Keep in mind we can become distracted by the things of this world very easily. It’s important to guard our heart. To prevent ourselves from becoming admirers we should analyze our priorities. Brothers and sisters in Christ, I want you to make sure if there’s anything that is hindering you from your god given path?

We need to breakout of the comfort zone. We need to create new good behaviors and break away from old behaviors that can paralyze us. Overall, the main purpose we have as believers in Christ, is to share the good news with others. Our life is a living testimony that can impact others, so we cannot feel ashamed to share. Through our testimony we can lead a person to Christ. Some people can poses qualities of an admirer, but keep in mind they will not truly benefit from Gods unimaginable blessings. I encourage you to discover your gifts. Do not be ashamed, fearful, discouraged, timid, or lazy.

2 Timothy 1:7
For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.


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