Universal Mind

Negative self talk will affect the ability to perform. We need to understand the power of our thoughts and personal beliefs. A person’s self talk is the clearest indicator of one’s belief in themselves. We have to remember the value and significance of positive self-talk is the key element to manifesting our dreams and inspiration. When we are inspired, we have dreams and those two can give us hope. Hope, then gives us a sense of belief that can transcend into believing in something meaningful. The meaning of life is to believe that there is a solution for everything. Even if we feel like we have failed – we know that’s not the end.

The end to something is only the beginning to a new opportunity. Our inspiring heart can become dull if we stop believing. Hope can disappear making us feel lost and empty. The irony of life is that we need “both” the good and the bad. The bad circumstances is an opportunity to challenge us. The good adds joy. What about our universal mind-set? Our wisdom. The wisdom of God gives us the ability to see beyond our problems. Wisdom is a solution. When we seek the wisdom of God, our worldly view will be seen through a different set of lenses. Seeking God and Jesus Christ wholeheartedly- gives us true wisdom.

The only reason we can lack something in ourselves is because we’ve been inadvertently thinking our way out of not believing in ourselves. We can choose to believe we can overcome, or we can choose to believe we are defeated. My personal experience was lost of identity. When our identity does not identify with Jesus Christ, we emotionally struggle. Thinking a whole bunch of thoughts and excepting that they are true form beliefs. We were born with belief in ourselves and if we don’t believe in ourselves it means that in our life we have accepted thoughts about ourselves that are not true, somehow believing them to be true. The only way we can see the lack of belief can be through our own continuing thoughts about ourselves-our self-talk and lost of identity. The need of wanting to be accepted or recognized.

In addition…
The number one hindrance to success is people who believe it’s not possible for them. That they are not worthy. The good news is that we are worthy because Jesus Christ paid a price for us. Jesus Christ, found us valuable and that makes us more precious than jewels and gold! When we believe something is not possible, then we’re right. And the whole Universe will be against us- not because the universe is a bad place, nor God, but because that’s how we’re interacting with the energy. The lack of belief will lead us to look for proof of our low self-worth and proof of why it’s not possible. Our belief applies to everything in life. It takes us down a journey to know the God that lives within us.

When we act like an atheists, we will NOT discover the potential we have and our true purpose suffers. It is our BIRTHRIGHT to become enlighten by God at some point in our lives. Is not a coincidence you decided to read this. Somehow- someway- sooner or later you will hear about Jesus Christ, and maybe the time is now for you. The choice is yours to open your heart to the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit!

The way to change a lack of belief is very simple. Begin thinking the opposite thoughts to what you’ve been thinking about yourself or any situation: That you can do it and that you have everything within you to do it!

Reminder – you have incredible powerful abilities and you will know exactly how to use them when the time comes. Remind yourself that all you need to do is take one step at a time.

Practice: Think positive thoughts and you will reprogram your mindset in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is like a computer, and it has many different programs that you have loaded into it. Many different programs other people loaded on you. And it has many different programs that you have accepted by other people’s thoughts about you.

If you don’t take action in anything and if you don’t believe in yourself and if you don’t believe you can achieve something, then no one else is going to. All the programs in your subconscious mind has been put there by thought, and it’s thought and thought alone that will create a new program and overwrite the old one.

It’s surprising that after many years -even a lifetime- of not believing in myself, it only takes a short time of concerted “jointly” effort to start believing in ourselves. Research shows that the most powerful time to reprogram the subconscious mind is when you’re falling asleep at night. When you are in that very sleepy state of being half-asleep and half awake. Plant the thought that you can do anything and you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Your aim is to make that “believing in yourself” thought your last thought before you fall asleep. The very last thought you think as your falling asleep goes straight past the firewall and into your subconscious mind. And when that thought goes past the firewall the subconscious mind must accept it as true.

Once your subconscious mind has the new program of believing, it must carry out that program & prove your belief in yourself true. You will suddenly find new people in your life who believe in you, or new support from people already in your life, and you will feel inspired take particular steps or actions that prove your own abilities and increase your self-belief.

Whatever you hold in your subconscious mind is what happens in your life. This is because any new program in your subconscious mind is immediately transmitted to the Universal mind “Gods divine power; and once the Universe has the instructions by God, it will work with you to make sure you achieve what you believe. The Holy Spirit can guide you. However, Jesus Christ is the way to renew our mind. Once a conversation or cry for help is issued in His name— miracles do happen. Even if you don’t believe at first.

Perhaps now you will understand why it has been said that “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe can be achieved.”

The power is in our tongue and thoughts.

Mathew 12:34 Our mouth speaks the harvest that we are growing in our hearts.

What our thoughts and words growing?



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