Month: February 2015

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Living in the present moment allows us to experience a certain moment in time. Moments that roll over to seconds, hours, days, months, and years – History. 

We often wonder what the future would be. At times things will seem stressful, but if we just have a bit of faith – we could go along way. 

History is determined by the passing time. That’s when today will manifest an offspring of us into history. Enabling us to leave a legacy behind, that is if you choose to do so.

What Legacy do you want to leave behind?

Think about this…

“What mark are we leaving behind. What is molding our future?”

I can only love, respect, and believe in Jesus Christ. The more I elevate Him in my life the more real He becomes. Before I use to have difficulties accepting others. I felt misunderstood like no one cared. Now, I don’t have that conflict because I simply understand people better. I took the time to acquire that skill. I learned that if I want to be understood- I’m going to have to learn how to understand others. Keeping in mind that they are only human like me and we are all prone to errors. If I had that conflict inside it was because I had the problem, not others. No one really knew how I felt; therefore, getting my attitude right was a must. I learned that anyone who accepts me or doesn’t will not interfere with my joy, for I am ever grateful and blessed either way. I learned how to be okay with disagreements. Challenges are actually a good thing! It gives us an opportunity for growth. We are all different for many reasons. We should learn from each other. However, we must be mindful of the ripple affect others have on us and vise-versa.

In conclusion-

We need to continue to listen to Gods voice. Stand up for what is worthy in His eyes. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of us. What matters is what God thinks of us. If we can go to sleep with the knowing we did good, then that’s all that matters. I know that being a good person- regardless of the circumstances will sooner or later have a domino affect on others.


Trivia : What is the most important weapon we have against our spiritual warfare? 

Answer: Prayer!

The enemy wants to hinder our communication with God, so the negative energy is a scheme to distract us, thus making us absent from living in the moment. 

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My wisdom and inspiration comes from my Lord.

Lastly, success comes from building our character. Renewing our minds with the healing power of the Holy Spirit. That’s the gift Jesus Christ left mankind. We also have to learn to be a problem solver. The smallest things matter. When we are grateful for everything more blessings will be bestowed upon us. My advice is to live in the present. Be grateful. Stay in touch with people that are good influence. Love your enemies. Volunteer. Build on having healthy friendships and relationships. Love God above all else. In doing so, amazing things will happen- they are called miracles.

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God bless-