Self-Discipline: A Must Quality for Fruitful Leadership

“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline.”

Self-Discipline ~ Self-Control ~ Self-Management

I think self-discipline is part of highly intentional living. Otherwise, we are a ball of emotions tossed all over the place. Like a boat in a vast ocean without a captain to sail it. Look at it this way, the compass or manual to our life is found in the scripture in the Bible. God gave us Jesus Christ, His Son in the flesh that died on a cross so we can receive salvation through His death and resurrection. When Jesus Christ died, He left us His testimony which completed the “New Testament” and left us the Holy Spirit to dwell in us and guide us. Therefore, we do have ALL the tools we need in other to have a smooth sail!

Regardless, if we are in the midst of a storm, He tells us not to worry, not to be timid, nor to be fearful. The scriptures tell us to have patience, forgiveness, love, discernment, discipline, self-control, and to find strength in His promises. To find strength in Jesus Christ. When we receive Jesus Christ into our hearts we receive the fruits of the spirit. Slowly, as we continue to change for the better, the Holy Spirit will start to guide us. We will start to reflect who we believe in, versus the person who we use to be repeatedly making the same mistakes over and over again. God gives us the WILL and the intelligence to choose to put into action the change that is necessary. When we choose to lack obedience towards God, and disregard Jesus Christ, well, that’s pretty much telling our Creator that we don’t need Him. We are basically ignoring all that God wants us to learn and the change He needs from us. If we don’t repent and turn away from our old sinful ways, then we are against God and His ways. Simple as that.

And with all that said, if we choose otherwise, then we will continue to choke God out of our heart leaving us desperate and empty always in search for something or someone to fulfill us. When we are empty vessels we are allowing other entities to take over us. That can be harmful to our God-given path, for it will lead us away from having a meaningful relationship with our Higher Power. In such matter, since the Holy Spirit is not being worshiped in our lives, then it will not dwell within us, so other types of spirits will take dominion over us. And I’m not talking about good spirits. They are demonic spirits. See the link below if you are interested in expanding your knowledge.

Needless to say, we are not righteous and cannot become sinless- it’s impossible. However, if we live our lives base on facts “truths” we can have better control over our emotions. The truth which is Gods Word, can set us free and apart from a lost and dying world. When we embrace the truth God gives us a new vision. Our thought process will become different.

Food for thought:

The word that comes to mind right now is- Observe. Look at all the craziness that’s going on today world-wide. I’m not saying this to cause you panic, but I simply want to bring it to your awareness to tell you that we are living in Revelation times. This is so you and I can make a difference now in this world by giving others hope, sharing the gospel, and by living to Gods standards and not the standards of this shallow and superficial world. A life with God and a Jesus conscious is a life that brings us true meaning, joy, and peace. If we are to prideful or busy to acknowledge all the above wherever we find ourselves at this present moment, ask yourself what kind of person you have been or are becoming. Take personal inventory.

One way of knowing your on the right path to building a relationship with Jesus Christ, is when your lips and heart start singing praises to God. Basically, when we start yearning for Gods wisdom and Jesus Christ, that’s when we will start to have a spiritual relationship with Him. It’s NOT a religion – its a relationship!

The devil’s best weapon with his army of demons are DISTRACTIONS.

I’ll leave you with this to ponder: What is hindering your walk with God?

One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is self-discipline which involves:

The ability to have delayed gratification.
The ability to stay focused on a vision.
The ability to persevere and follow through on what one has started.
The ability to eliminate distractions.
The ability to choose what is good over what is bad and then to choose what is best over what is good.

How are we doing in the area of self-discipline these days? Whether it is with media stuff, food, personal goals, spending time with the important people in your life, finances- spending habits, addictions, etc. – How are you doing in all those areas?

We must examine our hearts every single day in order to acquire the fruits of the Spirit. They are not going to magically happen if you do not take action.

Is anything out of control in your life? If so – What are the steps you need to take to do something about the situation?
Check out the above link so you can better understand spiritual warfare.

Self-discipline is a quality that can be developed.



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