Personal Note*


My journey has been and still is fascinating!

I count my blessings every day and give thanks to what is yet to come. I know God has a perfect plan for me if I love Him above anyone or anything this world has to offer. I have traveled a lot, so I have seen and experience a lot. Young and alive. I’m not bragging about myself… I only want to share my experiences and testimony. My words are to inspire whoever seeks to learn. Whoever is willing to set aside pride and judgement. I have learned that by listening and observing nature and people, we can learn so much. However, in order to learn we must let go of selfishness, vanity, pride, and leave our self-centered ways aside.

Something to affirm: “I’m grateful for everyone in my life! Grateful for all my experiences. The good and bad.”

Subsequently, for the people whom I have hurt I made the decision to ask for their forgiveness because by doing so I can break the chains that bind me to my past. We are only human / not sinless/ nor perfect. God forgives us, in return we must forgive others and ourselves. That’s why every day we should examine our heart and motives.

I have learned theirs no grey area in loving JESUS Christ. Is either we fear Him and love Him, or we are against Him. The missing part is not understanding Gods Word which is found in the bible, the missing part is our conversations with Him. To repent is to acknowledge our mistakes and repent (ask for forgiveness) for all the wrongdoings. Personally, I hope and pray all my readers could experience the joy of what it is to love God. Following the law doesn’t save us, Jesus’s death, resurrection, and grace saved us and cleanses us from all impurities. Something to keep in mind.

Life is magical, mysterious, and at times scary but in the process we find ourselves in need, right? I found out that the answer to our need is spiritual maturity and the true wisdom that comes from having a relationship with our Creator. When we start yearning for something more – look within yourself and towards Him. Life is great when we let go of past mistakes and we start letting God take total control.



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